Product Introduction of the Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a kind of metabolite of organism, which is widely distributed in plants, animals and fungi, and plays different functions in different living bodies.Study found that the various plants rich in oxalic acid, especially in spinach, amaranth, beet, purslane, taro, sweet potato and rhubarb, such as the highest levels in plants, because of oxalic acid can reduce the bioavail ability of mineral elements, easy and calcium ions to form calcium oxalate in the body cause kidney stones, so oxalic acid is often considered as a kind of mineral elements absorption and utilization of antagonism.

Product Parameter(Specification)of the Oxalic Acid

Items Standards Result
C2H2O4(%) 99.6Min 99.61
SO4(%) 0.10Max 0.03
Ignition residue(%) 0.08Max 0.02
Heavy Metal(%) 0.001Max 0.001
Iron(%) 0.0015Max 0.0002
Chloride(%) 0.002Max 0.001
Calcium(%) 0.0005Max 0.0005
Water Insoluble(%) 0.02Max 0.001

Product Feature And Application of the Oxalic Acid

1. It is used precipitating and separating function for Rare-earth metal.

2. 99.6% min Oxalic Acid used in Tetracycline, Oxytetracycline, and Borneol, etc.

3. Oxalic acid used inreducing agent for dyeing and printing industry, as bleaching agent for textile, substitute for Acetic acid, as coloring mordant for fast pigment dyestuff.

4. Oxalic acid used polishing for Marble, rust-remover, bleaching, dirt-remover, leather-remover. bleaching.

5. In electron industry: preparation of chemicals raw material for porcelain capacitor, preparation of electron equipment detergent.