ZnSO4 is an inorganic compound with chemical name Zinc Sulfate. Zinc Sulfate is a dietary supplement. It was historically called as white vitriol. It is also known as Zincate, Zinc sulfate (1:1). This compound

What is Lithium hydroxide? Lithium hydroxide is formed when lithium reacts with water in a test tube produce lithium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. The chemical formula for lithium hydroxide is LiOH. Lithium-ion picks

Overview 1,3-butadiene is produced through the processing of petroleum and is mainly used in the production of synthetic rubber, but is also found in smaller amounts in plastics and fuel. Exposure

Description: mixed xylene Providing steady supplies with annual capacity of 350,000 tons Xylene is a clear and colorless liquid consisting of two methyl groups attached to a benzene ring. It is volatile

What is N-Butanol? N-Butanol, also known as 1 butanol, or butyl alcohol, is an alcohol produced by petrochemical processes or fermentation of sugars derived from corn. Applications of N-Butanol in the Manufacturing