Ca(ClO)2 Calcium Hypochlorite

Ca(ClO)2 Calcium Hypochlorite


Test Items Calcium Hypochlorite 68% Calcium Hypochlorite 70%
Available Chlorine 68% 70%
Moisture 5.5-10%Max
Chlorine Loss 8% Max
Size (14-28mesh) 90% Min
Appearance white gray granular


Calcium Hypochlorite can be widely used as aligcide, bactericide disnifectant,bleaching agent or oxidant because of the available chorine in the product ,for example , it has a wonderful disinfections for swimming-pool,drinking water ,cooling tower & ore dressing and waste water, food,farming, fish farming hospital,school ,station and household etc., good bleaching and oxidation are also found in paper and dye industry.