Product Details:

1.Product name: Sodium cyclamate      CP95 / FCC IV / NF13
2.CAS NO.: 68476-78-8
3.Formula Weight:  201.22
4.Molecular Formula:  C6H11NHSO3Na
5.EINECS:  205-348-9
7.Feature:It is 50-60 times sweeter than sucrose without the effect of souring and fermentation like sucros. Sodium cyclamate is a kind of new nonnoutritive sweetners and was approved to be used as food additive by the Health Department of China,GB,USA,France & Germany,etc.It is no harm to human being and is safe than Sodium Saccharin.It is a kind of healthy food additives with sugar-free and low calorie.It is 50-60 times sweeter than sucrose without the effect of souring and fermentation like sucrose.

Product Introduction:

  1. White crystalline powder or needle-like crystal (fakes)
  2. High sweetness, 50 times of normal sugar
  3. Taste sweet,no bitter feeling
  4. Harmless to health
  5. Physically stable,resistent to heat,acid and alkaline
  6. Easy of storage,do not absorb water from air,does not ferment


Items NF13 CP95
Appearance White Crystalline Needle White Crystalline powder
Purity 98.5%-101% 98.5%-101%
pH (100g/L) 5.5-7.5 5.5-7.5
Loss on drying <0.5% <0.5%
Sulfate (SO4) <1000ppm <1000ppm
Heavy metal (as Pb) <10ppm <10ppm
Aniline <1ppm <1ppm
Arsenic (As) <3ppm <3ppm
Selenium <30ppm <30ppm
Cyclohexylamine <10ppm <10ppm
Dicyclohexylamine <1ppm <1ppm
Transparency >95% >95%

Packaging & Shipping

25kg/Bag. 19MT/20FCL


1. sodium cyclamate used alone, the sweetness equivalent to 50 times that of sucrose.
2. sodium cyclamate used in conjunction, the sweetness can reach more than 80 times that of sucrose.
3. sodium cyclamate ans sucrose and 0.3% by weight of the origanic acid (e.g. citric acid), used in conjunction with up to more than 100 times aweeter.
4. sodium cyclamate and sucrose and 0.3% by weight of organic acids and 10% by weight of saccharin together with the use of the use of up to 150 times more sweetness.