Oxalic Acid 99.6% can be used for textile , and pharmaceutical industry ,precipitating agent of rare earth elements,bleaching,metal and marble polish,cleanser removing stains,tanning industry,printing and dyeing catalytic agent,anti-shrinkage finishing of paper,manufacturing oxalates.

Oxalic Acid purity 99.6%Min 99.4%Min 99.0%Min
Sulphate 0.08%Max 0.10%Max 0.20%Max
Heavy Metals(Pb2+) 0.001%Max 0.002%Max 0.02%Max
Ferrous(Fe3+) 0.0015%Max 0.002%Max 0.01%Max
Chloride(Cl-) 0.003%Max 0.004%Max 0.01%Max
Ignition Residue 0.08%Max 0.10%Max 0.20%Max
Packing 25kg bag or 1000kg Jumbo bag
Loading 25 tones per 20’fcl container without pallet

Claim :

The product is white crystal. Its melting point is 101-102 °C and sublimes at 157 °C.It is soluble in water,alcohol and ethyl ether. It is insoluble in benzene and chloroform. It is toxic. Pharmaceutical industry: for ring elements. Oxytetracycline. Borneol etc.;