Nickel Sulphate

Nickel Sulphate

Cas NO.: 10101-97-0

Product Name: Nickel Sulphate

Standard : Industrial Grade

Molecular formulaNiS04.6H2O

PropertiesGreen crystals, tetragonal crystal system. Specific gravity 2.07, soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution, slightly soluble in acid and ammonia.

ApplicationMainly used in electroplating, battery industry, used for nickel cadmium battery, organic synthesis and production of hardened oil as catalyst of paint, making other raw material, the nickel salt used in metal color, also the original mordant dyes.
Nickel Sulphate

Full Specification :

Chemical composition Assay (%)
Content 98.5%min
Ni 22 min
Cu 0.000077 max
Co 0.00056 max
Mn 0.000035 max
Fe 0.00028 max
Pb 0.00034 max
Zn 0.000051 max
Cr 0.00046 max
Cd 0.000014 max
Ca 0.00057 max
Mg 0.098 max
Na 0.0015 max
As 0.0005 max
Insolubles 0.0060 max