Methyl cellulose

Methyl cellulose


Product Name Methyl cellulose 

CAS RN 9004-67-5

Quality Standard CP2010/USP32/NF-24

Appearance White or off-white fibrous or granular powder, no odor and taste.

Solubility Insoluble in absolute ethyl alcohol, trichloromethane and ethyl ether.

Viscosity 5-100000mpa.s Drying Loss≤5%
Residue on Ignition≤1% pH Value 4.0-8.0
Heavy Metal≤20ppm Arsenic ≤2ppm
Content 27.0-32.0%

Use Pharmaceutic adjuvant, used for the adhesive, disintegrating agent and coating material of tablets, it can be widely applied in food and daily chemical industries.

Packing 25kg/fiber drum