kanamycin sulfate

kanamycin sulfate


kanamycin sulfate

Product Name kanamycin sulfate

English Name kanamycin sulfate

Molecular Formula C18H36N4O11.nH2SO4 Molecular Weight

Molecular Ratio 1:1.7

Quality Standard CP2010/BP2011/USP34

Appearance White or off-white powder, no odor, has hygroscopicity.

Solubility Easily soluble in water, poorly soluble in trichloromethane and ethyl ether.

Specific Rotation +102° to +110° pH Value 6.0 ~8.0

Sulfate 23.0~26.0%  Drying Loss≤4.0%

Kanamycin B≤2.0% Residue on Ignition≤0.5%

Content ≥760u/mg

Use Pharmaceutical APIs, it is broad spectrum antibiotic.

Packing 20KG/fiber drum, keep tightly in dry place.

Date of Expiration 3 years