Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil


Eucalyptus oil

Product Name Eucalyptus oil

English Name Eucalyptus oil

CAS RN 8000-48-4

Molecular Formula C10H18O Molecular Weight 154.25
Quality Standard CP2010
Relative Density 0.895~0.920

Refractive Index 1.458~1.468 Heavy Metal≤0.001%

Content ≥70%  80%

Property Colorless or yellowish clear liquid; with special fragrance. It will turn dark after long-term storage.

Solubility Easily soluble in 70% ethyl alcohol, poorly soluble in water.

Use Used to prepare ointment of cough drop, gargle, insecticide and to prepare essence of toothpaste, tooth powder and candy.
Packing 25KG/plastic drum 170KG/iron drum