Closantel Sodium-Hubei Weideli

Closantel Sodium-Hubei Weideli


Product Name Closantel Sodium

English Name Closantel Sodium

CAS RN 61438-64-0

Molecular Formula C23H15Cl2I2N2NaO4 Molecular Weight 731.080

Quality Standard CPV2005/EP6

Property Light yellow powder, no odor

Solubility Is is easily soluble in ethyl alcohol and acetone, soluble in methyl alcohol, insoluble in water or trichloromethane

Relevent Substances≤1.5% Drying Loss 4.7-5.5%

Content 98.0-102.0%  Heavy Metal≤20ppm

Use Veterinary APIs, Closantel Sodium is broad spectrum antiscotic, it is effective in larva of trematodas, nematodes, and arthropads.

Packing 25KG/fiber drum, it is available for 3 years